Building hope

Designing novel treatments to cure disease

When engineers build new ways to diagnose and treat disease, they’re building hope for millions of Canadians impacted by chronic illnesses. 

By creating a new method for growing cells in a lab to emulate cancerous tumours, engineers have made possible new treatment options for those facing a cancer diagnosis. By designing a computational modelling technique that allows researchers to understand the relationship between genes, cells, and their microenvironments, they’ve helped experts understand the root of disease better. And by researching the production and control of therapeutic proteins, engineers are making tissue regeneration therapy possible for those with chronic or irreversible conditions. These discoveries are just a few of the ways that engineers play an important role in improving the health outcomes and quality of life for Canadians facing devastating diagnoses. 

A few examples of how engineers are creating new possibilities in healthcare and building tomorrows:

U of T Engineering team designs new hydrogel that opens pathways to more targeted cancer treatments

Computational modelling breakthrough from the Zandstra Lab reveals new insights into the potential emergence and treatment of disease 

World’s smallest camera changing the scope for stroke victims in medicine

DNA ‘nanotransporters’ to treat cancer