Building community

Creating smarter cities for tomorrow

When engineers re-imagine how cities work, they’re building safer, smarter, and more sustainable cities for the future. 

By creating better route connections, engineers are improving accessibility.  By incorporating electric buses and light rail trains, engineers are revolutionizing the way public transportation operates in mores sustainable ways. By designing water treatment systems with advanced technologies like membrane filtration and ultraviolet disinfection, they’re helping to provide safe and reliable clean water to more people. And by designing solar-powered compacting bins that use solar power to compact and compress trash, engineers are reducing the volume of waste and helping to create cleaner cities. From improving public safety to creating sustainable solutions for the future, engineers are ensuring cities can be better, safer, and more accessible for people from all backgrounds.

A few examples of how engineers are transforming how we live and building tomorrows:

Toronto's new 'smart' traffic lights will sense congestion and adjust themselves

Driverless shuttle pilot project launches in Calgary

UVIC Professor Paving Way to Replace Cement and Reduce Carbon Emissions

Sarah Jane Payne is working to keep our drinking water safe